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TAG Fleet Qualified Forklift Drivers

TAG Solvent Products was established by Robert Taylor in 1977 and has been serving a multitude of industries including paint and coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, printing, rubber industries, waxes and mining. We are in the business to meet the consumption requirements of small to medium sized industrial solvent users within 100km radius of strategically located tank farm in Knights, Germiston.

We will achieve this by distributing our pre-determined range of solvents in break-bulk form using containers sized between 5 litres and 1000 litres. This is carried out within 36 hours of receiving the order. We pride ourselves on prompt delivery of a large variety of industrial solvents and are willing to meet all reasonable demands.

TAG Solvent Products continually aims to be a flexible and reliable supplier that responds quickly and efficiently to our customer needs whilst adhering to stringent quality control. We continue to make every effort to provide efficient service, of highest standard to all our customers and intend to consolidate our reputation as being the leading reseller in the country. 

Mission Statement

  • To develop and provide products and services which offer value in terms of price and quality supported by the requisite technological and commercial expertise.
  • To provide all employees with good, safe conditions of work. To help promote and develop the best use of talent and opportunity.
  • To protect shareholders’ investments and to provide acceptable returns.
  • To conduct business as responsible corporate members including an intense environmental programme.