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Environmental Policy Fire ExtinguishersEmergency Stop Buttons for Pumps


  • To protect and maintain the Health and Safety of all of our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the public).
  • To protect the environment from any significant impacts of our present and planned operations.

To achieve these goals we will:

  • Continue implementing systems, policies and controls that will assist and eventually enable us to achieve ISO listing.
  • Continue ensuring that our distribution fleet meets applicable government standards. This includes both the ongoing training of the drivers and assistants as well as the certification and roadworthiness of the truck fleet.
  • Ensure regular testing of underground installations. This undergoes regular pressure testing. Test wells are also tested for any contamination. This will include self owned and supplier installed tanks.
  • Regular testing of products stored underground to ensure they are up to supplier specifications and thus ensuring no contamination.
  • Conform to local fire department stipulations and ensure regular visits by fire department continue.
  • All fire fighting equipment regularly tested, and serviced.
  • Dispose of all hazardous waste through accredited waste removal/disposal companies. Utilising Solref (Pty) Ltd wherever possible to recycle and safely dispose of contaminated and waste solvents.
  • Emphasis on education of employees, improvement of skills level has positive
    effect on health, safety and environmental issues.