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Safety at TAGEmergency Shower & Eye BathMounted First Aid Kits

Safety is one of many corporate functions that has to be acknowledged as "of prime importance" and is part of the total function embracing our many responsibilities.

Safety and health are recognized by the company from the humanitarian, economic, legal and liability point of view. TAG Solvent Products (Pty) Ltd believe that a good safety record is solid evidence of responsiveness to employer needs, that in turn, generates higher morale and stronger employee loyalty, leading to greater productivity and hence profitability thus maintaining our image as leaders in the reseller environment.

TAG Solvent Products (Pty) Ltd have a legal responsibility to safeguard its employees and the general public, so far as reasonably practical, from injury, nuisance or risk to the health from all processes associated with its business activities.

The Safety Objectives at TAG Solvent Products (PTY) Ltd are:

  • To ensure compliance with all relevant statutory safety requirements.
  • To achieve the highest practical level of safety throughout the company at all stages of manufacture, storage and delivery.
  • Provide every employee with the right to a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To involve persons from all levels and disciplines in the management, implementation and control of our safety and risk assessment programmes.